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USA Import Data | Usa Import Export Data | Trade Genius Pvt Ltd

Trade Genius provides USA import data of your products with importers Name, value and more shipment details. Find USA trade data, US importers directory & USA custom data sample.  This data includes only USA sea ports data this is of Bill Of lading data  But it is very high quality data coz data also shows Importer, Exporter and Notify party name and address. 

USA Import data Is available H. S. Code wise or Product Wise. You can find product quantity In data but value is not available coz this is Bill Of lading data.

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Export Products Data | Trade Exim

India has established itself as a prominent player in the global export market, maintaining strong business relationships with other countries and exporting a diverse range of products. As a leading supplier of chemicals and polymers, India has attracted a significant amount of business due to the reduced customs charges. This has facilitated an increase in both imports and exports.

At present, India continues to foster excellent business relationships with other countries and exports a wide variety of goods. Our Exported Products data can bridge the knowledge gap for exporters worldwide, making it easier to plan their annual export strategy with the help of intelligence reports.

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Imported Products Data - Trade Exim

Local traders can identify foreign markets with demand for their products with the port of destination details. This information is also useful in finding local manufacturers or suppliers of high-quality goods. Our data is compiled based on information available from various Indian sea ports, where all goods are controlled and verified by customs officials before being permitted for export, ensuring quality is not compromised. India has been a reputable presence in international markets for its local produce, handicrafts, and native products.

Our Imported Products data can assist you in developing a successful business growth strategy. To succeed, you need information on the target market and buyers. By using data on product providers, you can analyze the current market and decide whether to invest your money or not.

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Trusted import export data | Export Import Data in Mumbai

If you're conducting business overseas, import export data can provide valuable insights. It's important to note that you don't necessarily need to have access to the entire Indian Export Data; you can rely on a service that provides up-to-date information on an as-needed basis. Whether you need the HS code list or information on the current export volume of a specific product, it's crucial to rely on a dependable source.

Trade Exim is a reliable and trusted provider of data, including exporter names. You can receive monthly updates to stay informed about market trends. (export data india)

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Import Data | Import Export Data in Mumbai


When conducting business internationally, accessing importers data can prove to be a valuable resource. It's important to note that you don't need to have the entire Indian Import Data; you only need a service that can provide you with the latest information as and when needed. Whether you require the HS code list or information on the current export volume of a particular product, you need to rely on a reliable source.

Trade Exim is a trusted and dependable source for data, including importer names. You can obtain India's import data by country, such as China, the United States, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, etc., and it is available by year, such as 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. You can acquire the data on a monthly basis as the minimum unit.

Please submit the form below for the free sample of Import data.

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export import data for india | Export Import Data

Trade Exim is a trusted provider of Export Import Data for India and International markets, including Global Importer and Exporter details.

Prioritizing target markets and conducting market research is essential for success in international business. Without proper preparation, businesses risk wasting marketing efforts and experiencing significant losses. Our online database provides the best Foreign Export data, which is crucial for Indian exporters who offer a wide range of products for international trade. With our database, exporters can quickly generate reports on buyers dealing in the products they trade.

Experienced import-export professionals are aware of the many benefits of authentic customs data. With access to custom import data from other countries, exporters can approach potential buyers in those markets.

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Access Reliable trade data online | TradeExim

Trade Exim is a trusted provider of import-export data services for India and around the world. We offer detailed information on global importers and exporters, making it easier for traders to conduct their business. trade data online

Our online import-export data service provides a variety of benefits for traders, including easy access to past records that can be downloaded at minimal cost. Our service also offers value conversion tools, contact details, port details, and daily updates.

Foreign import-export data is a valuable tool for traders looking to expand their market and identify new opportunities. Our data provides the most relevant information on Indian exporters, allowing traders to explore new possibilities. By keeping companies up-to-date on the commodities and services imported or exported from any nation, our data is a critical resource for businesses looking to succeed in the global marketplace. (india import data)

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import export data in india | data provider


Trade Exim offers comprehensive Online Customs Import Export Data in india that covers details of all Indian ports. The import data includes information such as bill of entry number, shipping data, H.S. Code, product description, value, quantity, unit, foreign country, foreign port, Indian port, and other details.

Similarly, the export data contains shipping bill number, shipping data, H.S. Code, product description, value, quantity, unit, foreign country, foreign port, Indian port, and other details.

These reports cover major ports in India, including Tughlakabad Icd, Patparganj Icd, Delhi Air, Bombay Sea, Bombay Air, JNPT (Nhavasheva) sea, Kolkata sea, Kolkata Air, Bangalore Air, Bangalore ICD, Mundra, Tuticorin Sea, Tuticorin ICD, Kandla, Cochin Sea, Hazira Sea, Ludhiana Icd, and more. For more details, interested parties can contact Trade Exim.

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