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Trade Exim provide Foam mattresses import data in India with details like importers in India Exporter from oversees countries like USA, China, Germany France, Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam and Singapore etc with price details including Import duty.

Content of data record are as Bill of Entry Data, H.S Code, Product Description, Value, Quantity, Unit Price in INR & USD , CIF Value, Custom Duty, Foreign Country port and more.

SB Date HS Code Product Quantity Unit Value in USD Unit in USD Foreign Port Foreign Country Indian Port Mode
11-03-2016 94042990 LA0052/190*180*7.5 LATEX DIA 22 5-ZONEN KLASSE 2 (LATEX FOAM MATTRESSES) 102 UNT 8415.85 82.51 BELGIUM JNPT SEA
11-03-2016 94042990 BAI12M/192*91.5*15 FOAM HOME SPECIAL MEDIUM (LATEX FOAM MATTRESSES) 110 UNT 7296.11 66.33 BELGIUM JNPT SEA
11-03-2016 94042990 LA0052/190*180*3.8 LATEX DIA 22 5-ZONEN KLASSE 2 (LATEX FOAM MATTRESSES) 50 UNT 2062.71 41.25 BELGIUM JNPT SEA
11-03-2016 94042990 KA962SV KUSSEN 962 SOFT 70 * 40 * 14.5 VAC (LATEX FOAM MATTRESSES) 156 UNT 2072.29 13.28 BELGIUM JNPT SEA
11-03-2016 94042990 KA004MV FOAM HOME MED 63.5 * 40 * 8.5 VAC (LATEX FOAM MATTRESSES) 108 UNT 928.53 8.6 BELGIUM JNPT SEA
11-03-2016 94042990 KA962MV KUSSEN 962 MEDIUM 70 * 40 * 14.5 (LATEX FOAM MATTRESSES) 100 UNT 1573.54 15.74 BELGIUM JNPT SEA

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