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Foreign Trade Data
TradeGenius Global is one of the leading providers of import-export data to more than 50 countries in the world. We classify our data in export/import data, code classification, news, smart search and market research tool which actually allows you to know where your product is. We work to please our customers and hence you can say that our way of working is very customer-centric. We have specialization in offering data which is exclusively engineered for importers and exporters. As an importer or exporter you need to be cautious about your business and hence we provide you with the best import/export data to suit your needs. We make sure that our clients reach the new levels and find the benefits of the international business.


00:00.0 1512111000 ACEITES EN BRUTO: DE GIRASOL COLOMBIA Transporte Carretero 1194674 1675860 1675860                          
00:00.0 1512111000 ACEITES EN BRUTO: DE GIRASOL ECUADOR Transporte Carretero 797359 1117360 1117360                          
00:00.0 3301130000 ACEITES ESENCIALES DE AGRIOS (CITRICOS): DE LIMON PAISES BAJOS Transporte Carretero 446678 15632 14400                          
00:00.0 3301130000 ACEITES ESENCIALES DE AGRIOS (CITRICOS): DE LIMON IRLANDA (EIRE) Transporte Carretero 445969 15664 13968                          
00:00.0 1404901000 ACHIOTE EN POLVO (onoto, bija) ARGENTINA Transporte Carretero 6080 28085 27968                          
00:00.0 2810001000 ACIDO ORTOBORICO COLOMBIA Transporte Carretero 15240 24096 24000                          
00:00.0 2810001000 ACIDO ORTOBORICO CHILE Transporte Carretero 56340 90360 90000                          
00:00.0 2810001000 ACIDO ORTOBORICO CHINA Transporte Carretero 399430 1044022 1040000                          
00:00.0 2810001000 ACIDO ORTOBORICO ESTADOS UNIDOS Transporte Carretero 95485 228232 227350                          
00:00.0 2810001000 ACIDO ORTOBORICO MEXICO Transporte Carretero 32264 62242 62000                          
00:00.0 2208500000 GIN Y GINEBRA REINO UNIDO Transporte Aereo 84 22 9                          
00:00.0 2208500000 GIN Y GINEBRA SUECIA Transporte Aereo 1260 284 180                          
00:00.0 2208500000 GIN Y GINEBRA SUECIA Transporte Carretero 11340 2295 1134                          
00:00.0 4401310000 PELLETS DE MADERA ESTADOS UNIDOS Transporte Carretero 72339 54049 53849                          

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